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DUI with accident (no injuries) reduced to city ordinance violation.

DUI Per Se (over 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content) reduced to less serious traffic offence and no jail time.

Shoplifting charge dismissed and record expunged.


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Over his now twelve year legal career, Alan Levine has been a prosecutor, magistrate judge, and managed his own private practice. Prior to becoming an attorney, Alan taught math and science in some of the best private schools across the nation upon graduating from Georgia Tech in 1991.

Starting his legal career with the Cobb County Solicitor General, over his first six years as an attorney, Alan prosecuted literally hundreds of cases including drug possession, DUI and vehicular homicide, theft and shoplifting, battery and domestic violence, and obstruction charges - just to name a few. During his final year-and-a-half with the Solicitor, Alan was the Cobb County DUI Court Prosecutor.

Following his time with the Solicitor, Alan joined a boutique Estate Litigation practice. There, he brought his criminal courtroom skills to the civil arena representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Much of this practice included handling Guardianship and Conservatorship petitions and trials before our Probate Court. Also, Alan successfully represented clients in business disputes and other complex litigation that arose as collateral issues in the underlying estate litigation. 

While serving as a part-time Magistrate Judge, Alan interviewed police officers and reviewed hundred of applications for arrest and search warrants. He also conducted first appearance hearings for those arrested, and set or denied bond and bond conditions as appropriate. He also conducted numerous weddings (the best part of the job)!

Today, Alan has his own solo practice representing clients needing representation and counsel in civil and criminal matters, from the simple to the complex. By associating with larger firms on particular cases as need be, Alan provides the personal attention clients want when they choose a solo practitioner to represent them, but at the same time get the resources of a large firm at their disposal.

When your legal rights are at stake, when your time and money is at risk, when your reputation is on the line, call Alan to discuss how he can help you deal with your problems and get your life back.




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Areas of Practice


Whether you are innocent or guilty, it is highly advisable to have a skilled negotiator and potentially aggressive litigator at your side. DUI Law is a highly specialized sub-specialty of criminal defense that has many pitfalls for the unwary. For six years, Alan prosecuted offenders and helped oversee Cobb County’s DUI Court. After that, he was a Magistrate Judge who reviewed search and arrest warrants. Now, he represents clients facing all manner of misdemeanor and felonious offenses. LEARN MORE on our SERVICES PAGE.

Guardians & Conservators

When people cannot care for themselves or make responsible financial decisions, a guardianship or conservatorship may be necessary. But, it is also important the right person is appointed as guardian or conservator, as well as protecting against the unnecessary abrogation of an individual’s autonomy. Also, those under a guardianship or conservatorship may have changed life circumstances whereby their rights to make personal and financial decision can and should be restored. Alan has represented clients in this specialized field, and has served as a guardian ad litem for the Cobb County Probate Court. LEARN MORE on our SERVICES PAGE.


For 12 years now, Alan has written and argued in after trial proceedings both for the prosecution and for the defense in criminal matters, and in civil matters as well. From motions for new trials in the most serious of felonies, to preservation or overturning of civil verdicts, Alan is authorized to practice in all appellate courts including the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Georgia Supreme Court. LEARN MORE on our SERVICES PAGE.


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