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For over 10 years during his legal career, Alan Levine has been a prosecutor, magistrate judge, and managed his own private practice. Prior to becoming an attorney, Alan taught math and science in some of the best private schools across the nation upon graduating from Georgia Tech in 1991.

Starting his legal career with the Cobb County Solicitor General, over his first six years as an attorney, Alan prosecuted literally hundreds of cases including drug possession, DUI and vehicular homicide, theft and shoplifting, battery and domestic violence, and obstruction charges - just to name a few. Following that, he joined a boutique estate ligation practice. There, he brought his criminal courtroom skills to the civil litigation arena where he represented both plaintiffs and defendants. During this time, Alan successfully represented clients in business disputes and other complex litigation that arose as collateral issues in the underlying estate litigation. 

While serving as a part-time magistrate judge Alan interviewed police officers and reviewed hundred of applications for arrest and search warrants. He also conducted first appearance hearings for those arrested and set or denied bond and bond conditions as appropriate. He also conducted numerous weddings (the best part of the job)!

Today, Alan is in private practice representing clients in all manner of civil and criminal litigation. He has successfully defended clients facing considerable jail time for alleged drug possession and other matters before Georgia's superior and state courts. Alan continues to represent clients in civil matters as well, be it divorce and child custody disputes, personal injury and products liability cases, and other complex litigation requiring competent, ethical legal counsel. In addition to his trial practice, Alan often is hired to write appeals both in criminal and civil matters.




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Areas of Practice


Whether you are innocent or guilty, 99% of the time it is highly advisable you need a skilled negotiator and potentially aggressive litigator at your side. Even traffic offenses can effect your driving privileges and insurance rates. High fines and jail time can be additional penalties facing those who are successfully prosecuted by the State. 


Whether forming or dissolving a business, be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation, or other structure, navigating the often turbulent waters of business law can help you to avoid nasty legal battles down the road. And when disputes do occur, we can help there as well.


When staying together is no longer the right thing to do, separation and divorce are necessary. Ensuring your interests and those of your children are the job of a skilled attorney representing you in such matters. While it can be messy and unpleasant, having someone on your side can be of great comfort and benefit.


Families don't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to divvying up the assets of a deceased loved one. And while good estate planning can reduce the likelihood of disputes, that's not always the case. And, there are attorneys out there who will put you through probate when it was not even necessary! Find a lawyer who knows what is what in this deceptively complex legal field.


Accidents happen. More often than not, even though not through purposeful action, the negligence of someone who could have and should have taken greater care is the reason the accident and injury occurred. An attorney can help ensure that you and your loved ones are protected and cared for when facing such a situation.

Guardians & Conservators

When people cannot care for themselves or make responsible financial decisions, a guardianship or conservatorship may be necessary. But, it is also important the right person is appointed as guardian or conservator, as well as protecting against the unnecessary abrogation of an individual’s autonomy.


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