From Across Georgia



Alan helped me get my house back in a dispute over a deed. He fought off the other side’s motion for summary judgment, and then took the case to trial. After winning at trial, he got the other side to sign a settlement agreement resolving some related probate matters in my favor. Now, I’m free to live in my house in peace.
— Ursula

After winning an awful fight in probate court to have an executor removed, that person started the battle all over again by filing an appeal. That’s when Alan stepped in. He’s calm, incredibly detail oriented and totally focused on winning for you (which he did for me). I can’t imagine another attorney putting as much work and dedication into my case as he did.
— Ms. G

Alan Levine worked on my son’s case as a public defender. Alan did an outstanding job. My son had a third probation violation on a First offender plea and a new simple battery charge. Alan was able to get Judge Green to allow my son to go to an intense drug treatment program. If he completes the program he will have no felony violation. Alan also worked diligently to get the simple battery charge dropped. We have worked with lawyers in the past who showed up 20 minutes late to court without letting the judge know or the person being represented. Alan let me know a month prior to the hearing that he had another case that took precedence over my son’s and assured me he would be in court as soon as the other matter was resolved. He reminded me again prior to court. He constantly kept the parents and defendant be well informed of what was going on. We would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal help.
— Lisa Clark

Alan helped me get a guardianship over my young grandson. Now I can get medical insurance coverage for him and do all the other things necessary to take care of him. Alan is diligent, kind, patient and extremely competent. I highly recommend him.
— Debra

We consulted with Alan concerning unauthorized charges to my credit card that took place for two and one half years. When we discovered the fraud, we were amazed to learn that a large number of people were also defrauded by the same company. Alan told us to follow certain steps. By following his advice, we were reimbursed for the entire amount that was illegally taken from us. He is an outstanding attorney.
— Eleni