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While the hope is that skillful estate planning took care of the loved ones of the departed, the fact is often times Wills and Trusts are so poorly written, so poorly thought out, that a dispute over estate assets among heirs and beneficiaries becomes inevitable. When that occurs, hiring an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this field can often times prevent a full blown War in Court. But if litigation in Court becomes inevitable, then having an attorney who will fight for you and your family is essential. Call Alan to discuss how he can help you with your estate dispute matters.


As our population continues to age, more and more of our elderly someone to look after them and make responsible decisions for their physical health and welfare (guardian), as well as their financial well-being (conservator). Sometimes this is a fairly easy, straight forward process where everyone, including the proposed ward who needs care, is in agreement with what should happen. But sometimes, it is a contentious process where people do not agree, from opposing family members to the proposed ward themselves, on what should happen. And, sometimes, a guardianship or conservatorship is unnecessary, yet someone is seeking to obtain one anyway. With so many permutations of what may happen, with so much complex law involved, and with the health and security of a loved one at stake, Alan Levine is experienced in this highly specialized field of law. Call him to discuss your situation and how he can help.


DUI Law is a highly specialized practice area, encompassing both criminal and traffic law. From the initial traffic stop, through the DUI field tests, to the testing of a person’s blood, breath or urine, there are many pitfalls for the accused who does not come to Court with a skilled DUI attorney to protect their rights - and reputation! With your license and your job at stake because of a DUI, don’t represent yourself and expect good results. And don’t hire an attorney ho dabbles in this and that. Alan was Cobb County’s DUI Court Prosecutor. Now, he’s working for you!


Are you innocent of the crime of which you stand accused? Then you need a lawyer.

Are you guilty of the crime of which you stand accused? Then you need a lawyer.

That’s right. Innocent or guilty, if you want a chance at securing the best possible result after being dragged through the cogs of our Criminal Justice Machine, you need an attorney who will represent you with both Passion and Professionalism. From dealing with prosecutor and judge to try and get your charges dismissed or reduced, or negotiating a plea with acceptable terms, to trying the case before a jury so that each and every weakness of the State’s case is laid bare, Alan Levine will provide you exceptional, skillful legal counsel. He’s a former prosecutor and judge himself. And now, he’s on your side!