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Areas of Practice

DUI and Traffic Offenses

When facing traffic tickets that can result in loss of one’s driver’s license or jail time, it is highly advisable to have a skilled negotiator and potentially aggressive litigator at your side. DUI law is a complex sub-specialty of criminal defense law. Attorneys who dabble in this field do their clients a disservice. Alan was not only prosecuted DUIs for six (6) years, he was the Cobb County DUI prosecutor for over a year.


In addition to serious traffic matters and drug possession cases, Alan has prosecuted and defended the most serious criminal charges a person may face in Georgia. Furthermore, he has been appointed by the Cobb County Circuit Defender to handle complicated appeals. Alan practices not only in our State and Superior Courts on these cases, but before the Court of Appeals of Georgia and the Georgia Supreme Court.


Whether your guilty or not, drug charges carry with them the potential for serious, life-changing consequences if convicted. Depending on the situation, a skilled criminal defense attorney can get those charges dismissed, reduced, or at least negotiate a plea deal the client can live with. As a former prosecutor and judge, Alan knows something about how to handle these types of cases.


When planning and finalizing the care of a loved one who cannot care for themselves, be it an elderly parent or otherwise incapacitated adult, a skilled attorney can guide you through the process of obtaining a guardianship and/or conservatorship. And, if things do get contentious, Alan has fought successfully for clients trying to do the right thing by their loved ones. He appears regularly before the Probate and Superior Courts of Georgia in these matters.


Families don't always see eye-to-eye when it comes to divvying up the assets of a deceased loved one. And while good estate planning can reduce the likelihood of disputes, that's not always the case. And, there are attorneys out there who will put you through probate when it was not even necessary! Alan is regularly appointed as a guardian ad litem by Cobb County’s Probate Court due his knowledge of the field.


Whether forming or dissolving a business, be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation, or other structure, navigating the often turbulent waters of business law can help you to avoid nasty legal battles down the road. Due his practice in estate litigation, Alan has great familiarity with the collateral business issues that often come up when valuable and diverse assets are at stake.